Speaker Cabinets

Our standard production cabinets are made one-by-one and can handle from 1x12 up to 4x12 sizes with a variety of wood, tolex, and grille cloth options. All cabinets are priced unloaded, with tolex options: wine, black, smooth brown, vanilla cream.

Speaker cabinet construction

All speaker cabinets are constructed with furniture grade Russian Baltic birch plywood. Completely assembled by hand, we use box joints and wood glue to ensure a durable, long lasting cabinet. Maple wood is used to band the edges of plywood to give a stylish touch. Cabinets are sanded to a fine grit and then sprayed with sealer. If you choose the natural wood look know that our lacquer based finish process will stand up to the test of time and preserve your tone just as much as the look. Choose hardware, grill, and finish colors to create a unique look to match your tone.


Burr Pedal Board Wood Finish Options

Burr Cabinet wood finish options

Burr Cabinet Tolex Options

Burr Cabinet Grill Cloth Options

Burr Cabinet Speaker Options

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